Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dang It's COLD!

So it's been -30*C (and colder) almost all of December now. We're freezing. Our dogs have been living in our garage. We put them outside but with the windchill it's been like -44*C and they won't even put all four paws down at once. They stand on three legs and alternate which paw they hold up. And when they're tired of that, they set up camp on top of our hot tub (which they're not allowed on, but I made an exception this time) to try and get some heat from there. And then Friday night (about midnight) Tim was just finishing up work and went to to start the car....NO HEAT! The fan didn't even work. Nothing! He had to drive home in -40 with no heat (or defrost). Luckily the car's under warranty so we took it in yesterday to be fixed. It we weren't so mad about the heat not working I would have taken a pic of Tim. Kinsey and I were in the truck laughing at him. He had to drive into Lethbridge with frosted up windows. All he had to see was a little scraped hole to peek though. hehe We're FREEZING here in Canada!!

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