Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Busy Busy

So we've been pretty busy lately. Tons has happened. We put up all our decorations for Christmas the other day. Totally love them! I'm so excited. We're all finished our Christmas shopping too and most are wrapped and under the tree. Now I can work on a few little projects that I have. And get my Christmas baking done too.

My Kinsey Baby is three months old already. What the heck eh? She's growing so fast. This last month she changed so much. She sleeps less during the day now, but she also entertains herself some. Yep, she's figured out her hands and love grab at things and put them to her mouth now. She loves the toys and lights on her Jumperoo (she hasn't figured out the jumping part yet). I took her to be weighed and measured and she's didn't gain much weight this last month (only a few ounces). She's now 12lbs 14oz. But she grew...she REALLY grew. She's now 25.5" long. Oh ya, my baby is gonna be tall just like her Auntie Kimmy.

And check out what I made today - a headband. Yep, all by myself. I'm so not good at this kind of stuff, but I have to say the headband turned out quite well. I even made the flower clip. I'm impressed with myself (hehe). My little model was tired though and didn't really want to take pictures. And she's still wearing her jammies in the pics. Oh well!


Francis Family said...

good job on the headband! easy huh! I'll give you a tip for your next one, go to the scrapbook store and buy the big brads and take out the actual center of the flower and replace it with a brad. Makes it a little more fun! You can see it on the ones mt girls are wearing i think, then just glue that to the clip, super easy and fun! I love girls!

Skye and Aaron said...

Way to go! It looks great!!! It looks better than the ones i attempted!! :)

Amanda said...

Love the headband! She is so adorable and getting so big!!

The Whiddens said...

I love the headband - so cute! And Kinsey's so dang sweet, it makes it look even cuter!
Your tree looks great. You should out up pictures of the rest of your decorations. Your house always looks so festive - I wish I could get mine to look as good :)

Anonymous said...

Ya, she sure is growing fast.

I can't believe you are done your shopping. We have barely started. We are done shopping for Will, but that was easy. But that's all we've done so far.