Friday, March 07, 2008

Heartbeat @ 16 weeks

Yep, I bought this:


The Hi Bebe BT-200 Fetal Doppler / Heart Rate Monitor. I know, I'm one of those people. It arrived yesterday and I LOVE IT! We were able to find out baby's heatbeat without too much trouble (once we figured out how to use it properly). We even phoned Mama & Bupbup (ya that's what Jayda & Parker call Gramma & Grampa) and let them listen to our baby over the phone. And it wasn't even that expensive. All I know is on Monday I went to Wal-Mart just to pick up milk and material sizzors and I ended up spending more money than what this doppler cost on pretty much nothing...and forgot the milk. I read a million different reviews on the internet about this model and everyone seems to love it. However I had to promise Tim before I order this that IF we couldn't find the heartbeat at home with it one day that I would NOT freak out and think there was something wrong with our baby. Wohoo! 16 weeks today! Now if our baby would just start wiggling enough so that I could feel him/her that would be GREAT!

How far along were you (with your 1st pregnancy) when you felt your baby move for the first time?


Anonymous said... lucky duck! I always wanted one of those. With all the medical eqipment Josh has...that one was never a necessity for feet. Anyways, I was about 16 weeks when I first realized I was feeling Elise. Everyone was trying to explain what it felt like and I still had no idea until one day she just booted me! The boys were a lot earlier (12 weeks) but I remember hitting the 16 weeks with Elise and thinkingit would never happen.

by the way I accidentaly left a complete;y annonymous comment about your carseat blurb

Kendall & Julie Allred said...

I didn't feel anything until almost 20 weeks. I agree with Shauna, all the desciption just can't quite explain how it feels. I am super jealous that you have a little machine of your very own!

Francis Family said...

So fun, I wish i had one. I would use it all day I think! I honestly can't remember exactly what week I felt Kyla, I think i was 18 weeks. It was in the car and it felt like butterflies/bubbles. So fun! I felt these twins at 16 weeks. Then it got nauseating! Now they don't move as much. They must be crammed in there, 2 babies at 10 1/2 inches long! Insane eh?! haha Are you guys gonna find out what it is? I can't believe you are 16 weeks already! So fun!

Mike Peterson said...

We rented a doppler back when Kennedy was pregnant with Will. It was fun.