Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I know I said in my last post that I'd do an update right away. Well I did, but then I lost it. And I didn't feel like retyping it all. Whatever!

Anywho, we had Kinsey's doctor appointment the other day. She is 14lbs 3oz and she's 26 1/2" long. Yep, skinny and long! The doctor told me to start her on some rice cereal even though she's not 6 mths yet. Well she LOVES it! The very first time I tried giving it to her she chased the spoon cuz she wanted more. And now a week later, we don't even make a mess. (And I say "we" cuz I did my fair share of putting cereal up her nose and missing her mouth.) But now nothing on her face or her clothes. She's so cute. After each spoonful she goes "mmmm". It melts my heart!

Yes, that's The Bachelor in the background.

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Francis Family said...

haha LOVE the bachelor in the background! I am addicted! I love when they go on baby food it makes them seem so old! Presley is taking forever to not gag on all the food, so she only gets rice cereall for now. The doctor said it's normal, but Jayci likes it now so maybe soon they'll both be the same.