Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Too Much Fun!

Last week was BUSY! Kinsey and I were everywhere but home. Tara was a hunting widow last week, so we packed up our babies and we went to visit Julie & Kyla in Okotoks. Poor Kendall had to put up with 3 ladies and 3 babies. Ya, the house was pretty noisy at times. But so much fun. We got to go out for brunch and go shopping. What more could girls ask for right?

Blake and his girls:
Kyla (6 mths), Blake (8 mths), & Kinsey (2.5 mths):
Mommies & Babies:
After shopping Tara and I took Kinsey and Blake up to SAIT to visit Auntie B and to check out her dorm room. She was on the 16th floor and the view of city centre was amazing. (Tara the chicken wouldn't look out the window!) Then we all went out for dinner. And right when we were heading back to Okotoks Auntie B asked Kinsey and I to have a sleepover with her back in her dorm. So luckily I carry around EVERYTHING in Kinsey's diaper bag, so a sleepover wasn't out of the question. Yep, we went back to SAIT and stayed with Auntie B. (I guess we were breaking Auntie B in for when she comes to live with us in December.) And Auntie B made Kinsey giggle for the first time. She did it over and over again and Daddy was on the phone so he got to hear the giggles too. It was so darn cute.
Kinsey & Auntie B in her dorm room:
We came home on Friday just in the nick of time. Friday night Kinsey and I were SO SICK and Saturday was a write off. We're slowly getting over it, but boy being sick sucks.

Anywho, thanks so much to the Allreds and to Auntie B for letting us have a fun little holiday. We had a blast!!!


TnT-B. Rasmussen said...

Haha!! I am a chicken! It was SCARY looking down! Don't judge me! lol

Carrie said...

Ugh! So can't sleep! So I have to go around and check out everyones blogs! LOL! I love how yours shows who's blog was recently updated! I'm so guilty of lurking and using that to keep me updated! LOL!

Ooo! Look at all that baby goodness! Those are great pictures! All you mommy's look GREAT!

Kim said...

So cute...how fun that Kinsey has so many little friends close to her age.